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Play Guts Arcade! A Free Science Game! Play "The I Team - Immune Heros!" - A Free Science Game! Play Blood Kart Racing! - A Free Science Game!
Guts Arcade
is a collection of learning games that teach students about The Digestive System and Nutrition.
The I Team – Immune Heros!
is a collection of learning games that teach students how the body tries to prevent infection, fight viruses, and destroy bacteria.
Blood Kart Racing
is a learning game that teaches how the circulatory system works to deliver oxygen to the body’s cells.


sciTunes video games provide learning experiences like no other! Our free learning games allow students to interact with the content in ways that are engrossing and memorable. They allow students to explore the human body in a way that cannot be done by passively watching a video, reading a textbook, or taking notes. The sciTunes free video games give students a virtual first hand experience with the systems of the human body and teach them how to keep their bodies healthy.

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