Special Offers for Homeschool Parents!

Special Offer #1 – No minimum order

To insure that public school teachers were not buying one activity book for the purpose of making photocopies for all their students we sold our activity books as a package with a minimum order of 25 books. This made it cost prohibitive to make illegal copies as described above. Unfortunately this also made it cost prohibitive for homeschool parents to purchase our curriculum.

The solution we have come up with is to ask homeschools to provide proof that they are a legitimate homeschool. We accept the following:

  1. A State Notice of Intent to Homeschool
  2. An Application to Homeschool in your State
  3. Reply from your school district on letterhead from your umbrella school
  4. An identification card from a homeschooling support group
  5. Send us an email at homeschool@sciTunes.com for other options

Instructions: Simply send a copy of one of the items listed above as a pdf attachment to homeschool@sciTunes.com or fax the document to us at (888) 415-7932 (please include your email on the fax cover page). We will then respond to your email once your documents have been checked to notify you that you qualify for our homeschool pricing. At that point you will be able to purchase the products listed below. Just be sure to enter the same email you used for verification into the paypal checkout form otherwise your order will be delayed or rejected.

sciTunes Human Body Curriculum Student Edition

sciTunes Human Body Student Activity Book – $15.00

The student activity book uses the music and video games found on this site to bring science to life!

sciTunes Human Body Curriculum Teacher Edition

sciTunes Human Body Teacher Edition Book – $20.00

The Teacher Edition provides lesson plans, answer keys, and even sheet music for the songs!

sciTunes Human Body Curriculum Teacher Edition pdf Download

sciTunes Human Body Teacher Edition PDF Download – $1.00

The Teacher Edition provides lesson plans, answer keys, and even sheet music for the songs!
The PDF version provides a low cost solution.

sciTunes Learner Centered Science Music - Human Body

sciTunes Human Body Music CD – $5.00

The Human Body CD contains 11 tracks of scientifically accurate and fun music!


Special Offer #2 – Early Bird Special

For a very limited time we will be giving one student book, one teacher book (pdf), and all 11 songs as mp3s for FREE.

Here’s what you have to do:

Before receiving the curriculum:

  1. Send us a verification document as an email or fax (see above) and let us know that you are interested in taking part in this special offer.
  2. Like us on Facebook (just click the like button in the top right of this page)
  3. Recommend us to your Facebook friends

While you are using the curriculum:

  1. Share your experience using the sciTunes curriculum by posting on Facebook what your child has gained from the experience. Better yet have your child reflect on his/her own learning by posting on facebook (with your supervision).
  2. Post on our Feedback page.

It’s that simple. Just send an email to homeschool@sciTunes.com to get started!

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